I really wish I had known about Joanna Brown's wedding photography when Ant and I got married all those years ago, as I love her style and attitude – romantic but also with a keen eye for interesting compositions. Joanna has been busy setting up the project, From our Hearts with three fellow female photographers (one of which is Emma Case who recently took the photos at my friend Hayley's wedding) and I think it is fantastic to see more women moving into an area that has always been dominated by men (why was that? it seems obvious that women would make far better wedding photographers!). The above photos are from my friends Ellie and Dan's super cool London wedding in November, and Joanna captured brilliantly the happiness, laughter and love that filled the day (BTW didn't Ellie look gorgeous in her 6os style dress...).

What are you currently working on?
Good question I am involved in a new project called From our Hearts it is a collaboration between me and 3 other photographers: Debs Ivelja, Anna Hardy and Emma Case,we all run our own photography business’ and met through mutual respect and admiration for each others work.  We realized that we all share the same ideology of wanting to realize our full potential as artists and help facilitate that in others too. We have created a blog http://fromourheartstoourhands.blogspot.com/ where we are sharing our work, ideas, supporting each other and we are opening it up so people can get directly involved.  We have also created a Flickr group so that people can submit their work and ideas to photography projects that we launch from the site. It is really exciting, as this project has grown totally organically, it was never intended, it just happened as a direct result of meeting kindred spirits. We all recognise that creativity is fundamental to us all in and out of our work and we identified the need to feed and nurture it.  This project is really important to each of us; we are developing lots of ideas for the future so watch this space…

What attracted to photography?
It was very natural and intuitive when I first picked up a camera, I was curious about the world and  wanted to record how I saw it.  I then learnt the craft of developing film and printing in the darkroom; I was hooked – I have never looked back.

What has been your career path?
HA HA, the path I have been down did not have any signs on it there were clearly no distances or destinations, I had to find my way, here is my path; receptionist for a magazine, page layout and design for a magazine, photographers assistant, graphic designer, waitress, lecturer in photography and art, tutor for young adults with learning difficulties, chef, sandwich maker and delivery girl, receptionist for an alternative health clinic, graphic designer, illustrator, worked on a cider farm, workshop leader for people with learning disabilities, photography workshop leader... Then I set myself up in business as a wedding and portrait photographer, when I look back at that path it now all makes sense and has led me to where I am today… I followed my heart, made mistakes on the way and seized great opportunities

What has been your proudest moment?
Building my own website, launching my business – making it happen from scratch all done by my fair hand a real achievement.

What or who has been your biggest influence?
This may sound odd but David Bowie, when I feel bit vulnerable with putting myself and my stuff out there I think of him and in my head hum Absolute Beginners, he is a legend in my eyes, so creative, so honest, and a little bit nuts

What inspires you?
Most things that I see, people that I meet, music inspires me and landscapes do too…I am easily pleased and inspired I try to take in as much as I can most of the time…

What is the last thing you saw that made you go wow? 
The waves in Cornwall this year when I went away

What makes you happy? 
A sunny day, crabbing on a pier, adventures, my darling, my cat, my mates, my kitchen, a fire, nothing out of the ordinary, the smell of roses, making jam, simple pleasures really…

What's the best advice someone has ever given you?
My Nan she said that you can’t do anything without your health  – so true, I try to look after myself as it is the one thing we sometimes take for granted.

Who’s your favourite artist?
I love painters and had a dream to be one (I still paint when I have the time)  I love the work of Anselm Kieffer, Frances Bacon, Edward Hopper and even more so I adore Peter Doig, Thomas Scheibitz and Dexter Dalwood.

Favourite film?
Oh now that is hard I love The Sea Inside… it is quite depressing but beautiful.

Favourite book?
My complete set of Blue Peter annuals

What's next?
The sky's the limit really, more photos, more sunshine, more film, more home made lenses, more adventures, a whole lot of love…..

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