I love love love Rinko Kawauchi's photos, when you see them individually they don't have much power and always look a bit banal - but when you see them series in a book, they are just so poetic and beautiful.



My friend Harriet's Dad is having a bit of a sort out.....



Well I am ashamed to say that it has been almost a year since i last blogged!...........but I have a good reason........my little daughter Anna Mabel, who arrived 6 months ago and has been keeping my ridiculously busy since then. But the dust is settling now so I am hoping I will have more time to blog.

Here's the little lady, my friend Rikki thinks she looks like Betty Boop and I kind of agree.



Hope you all enjoyed W + C's big day yesterday. It was great wasn't it.... (especially the guilt-free day off work), we had a lovely time watching it on TV then to our local street party for dancing, cricket, bingo, and of course (drum roll) the cake competition –   followed by the pub. V enjoyable.



My great friend Rikki has curated a brilliant exhibition on street art which is currently on show at the Black Rat Projects Gallery in Shoreditch, all the prints are from the V&A' s collection and show the breadth and diversity of street art being produced at the moment. Rikki has also edited a fab book to accompany the exhibition which you can get here.


I'm back....

Hello, is there anyone there??........ sorry for the disappearance..... life and work just got in the way for a bit. I have been busy working on lots of exciting stuff....more of that later. But my main and most important reason for going AWOL is that I am pregnant with baby no. 2! We are thrilled although I am finding the whole pregnancy thing a million times more tiring this time round (must be something to do with chasing a toddler round all day).

Ps. You can get these great vintage posters here


Anthony McCall

Went and saw these amazing light works by Anthony McCall today, probably the best exhibition I have seen for a long time. Currently on show at P3 until 27 March, I really recommend going if you can.
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