Other people's bookshelves are always very intriguing and Its Nice That are currently doing an interesting strand where they invite creative people to talk about their five favourite books accompanied by a photo of their shelves....

here are graphic designer and illustrator Supermundane's....

and here are mine...

We always try and keep the shelves free of clutter but it never works and they inevitably become a dumping ground for lots of random stuff.

Deciding on 5 favorites is tricky....so these are my go to books when I need some inspiration.

1. Rinko Kawauchi, Cui Cui
I stumbled across this beautiful book while in Toyko years ago and immediately feel in love with Kawauchi's photographs of her family which were taken over  a 13 year period  – individually the photos don't look like much but when you take the book as a whole it is a beautiful reflection on the ordinariness of life and death. This is the book I probably look at most frequently.

2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude
The imagery is fantastic - a dream of a novel.

3. Saul Leiter, Early Colour
An amazing collection of colour photos taken by Leiter in the 50s. I always find his crops, angles and use of colour so inspiring.

4. F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gastby
I read this first in school and have reread it so many times since, it was probably the first novel I truly loved.

5. Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, The Photobook: A History volumes I and II
I always end up looking at these before I start a new book, it is like having the National Art Library at the V&A in condensed form, and consequently both volumes are heavily post-it noted

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