A story: a couple of years ago I bought a fabulous red Sara Berman coat, mainly because it had the most amazing large black glass faceted buttons, which I fell in love with. After much wear I took it to a 'specialist' (and expensive) dry cleaners for a freshen up, they promised they would take care of it....but to my horror when I collected it the buttons had been destroyed (only one remained on the coat and it was a disgusting beige colour). Distraught I emailed the lovely people at Sara Berman who, after much digging around, found a complete set of new buttons for me which they posted the next day, free of charge!! How nice. Coat saved and me very very happy. Hurrah.

These two beauties are currently on sale.... decisions decisions....
1. New Raf in grey was £381 now £231
2.  Anna Coat in navy was £479 now £287

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